2019 Moose Hunt Tribute at Maine Trophy Moose - Nathan Theriault

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The legendary Guy Randlett started Maine Trophy Moose over 30 years ago as a "trophy only" guide service. For the last decade, Nathan Theriault has been an attentive student of Guy's hunting traditions and uniquely effective hunting techniques. In 2016, Guy turned MTM over to Nathan. The legend will live on. 


Spot and Stalk

Put Yourself in the Lens

Spot and Stalk

Hard work counts. Pre-season scouting, constant learning, professionalism, teamwork, the best  tools, and 100% commitment to the goals of our clients is what makes MTM shine. Your guides know what it takes to get the job done - safely. Proficiency at locating animals and vocalizing to bring them in close turns hunts into once-in-a-lifetime adventures. 


Put Yourself in the Lens

Put Yourself in the Lens

Put Yourself in the Lens

The sound of your heart thumping as the trophy moose of a lifetime snaps branches, stomps, and vocalizes is beyond exhilarating, it's heart stopping excitement. Our guided hunting trips deliver that thrill. Call today to get on the calendar! 

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♦ Four all-inclusive locations in Districts 1 through 6 ♦ Licensed and insured to operate in the North Maine Woods – two locations ♦ Food preparation by “ServSafe” Certified Manager ♦ Extensive pre-season ground and aircraft scouting ♦ Guides with advanced training on calling, size identification, recovery, trophy care, and safety  ♦ Staff & guide teamwork ensures maximum resources are focused on your goals.

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